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Online, several of free web hosting providers have grown over recent months. Many of them present Unlimited Free Space, the minimum being so or 100 MB. These maintain all the possible features and 99% uptime accessible with a hosting account that is paid.

So how can they make money to buy their servers? What is the quid pro quo for the space that is free? As the famous saying goes. Even the hosting that is free isn’t actually free. Its simply that you will be paying a different price for this.

Popups and Advertisements

Among the free providers whom we used, had an irritating page refresh every 30 seconds. Every 30 seconds the site would refresh and would visit a betting site with several ad popups if you had been on the control panel page. Whenever we first recorded directly into his control panel another provider claiming to will be in the free hosting company since 2005, offered up 4 popup advertisements. The cPanel was an outdated version (likely a hashed model) which had an archaic layout and lacking all of the newer features.

Your main website page had been offered up with a few code inserted into it to top it all. The code was of an ad popup and a hit counter. The popup would appear once a day for every visitor that is unique – unacceptable for a specialist site. The code injection was rather terrifying and we weren’t fine with

Selling your data

All of the free providers, keep a term within their Terms of Service (TOS) to say they will sell your data, nevertheless, some of them swear never to sell personal identifying data. What this means is that all of your data possibly sold for marketing purposes by them, so long as they and it split any identification marks. You may not need to risk the chance of the data being stolen or misused, in case you are seriously constructing a website for the long term. In the end, Intellectual Property Lawyers are not cheap to hire.

Limitation on uses

One free hosting provider intends to remove your account if your website is underconstruction for just two days or even more. Their website states that: “We maintain to delete inactive websites which stay in Under construction for over two weeks”. Additional providers threaten to remove your account if you’ve used it like a “backup” rather than “really linked the files for your website”. What makes up a copy is left open to your own speculations, as nowhere within the TOS do they note what “copy” means.

FTP Constraints

A renowned free hosting supplier will not permit one to login more that 3 times through FTP per day. So if you’ve got an urgent update to create, you might have to probably await each day. Their site says that: “If you get your website too often your ip is likely to be blocked!”. If your website is for your long term that limitation isn’t really practical.

Is it for

Free hosting is not just unsuitable for a website that is disposable – one that’s not likely to be utilized in a production environment. Free hosting perhaps an option that is ideal when you need to test your design out or go-live with a net software in testmode. Free hosting can also be useful for research and training purposes and additionally allows you to comprehend real world scenarios. According to your requirement that is real and what you mean regarding the hosting space, you are going to carefully pick free hosting over a paid account.

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